Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

I am a designer, artist and researcher interested in the future. I use design to explore the implications of emerging and unfamiliar technologies, science and services. Perhaps it is my background in architecture and urbanism that makes me want to look down the microscope the wrong way: I am fascinated by the macroscopic view, the larger-scale social, cultural and ethical consequences of engineering invisible organisms, creating nano-scale devices and unravelling our genetic futures. For the past eighteen months, I have  focused on Synthetic Biology, and now I’m starting a residency in a laboratory, at SymbioticA in Perth, Australia.

Prior to the MA Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art, I read Architecture at Cambridge University, worked in urbanism and spent a year at Harvard learning about narrative and design research. I spent my time at the RCA exploring what design – integral to the developments of the Industrial and Information Revolutions – has to ‘offer’ to a Biotech Revolution. I think that role includes imagining and designing compelling narratives that allow us to question our unprecedented future.

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